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Praise for Seduced by Mrs. Robinson:

Seduced by Mrs. Robinson“Gray has plumbed film archives and interviews to reveal the story behind optioning the book, casting, and the intentions behind set and costume design. There is even scene-by-scene narration of the plot. Readers discover how this seemingly unprepossessing movie, adapted from a decidedly not best-selling novella, became one of the top-grossing films of its day, helping to articulate the frantic youth movement that defined 1960s culture and made stars of its actors. Highly recommended for serious cineastes and fans.”
Library Journal (starred review)

“A Hollywood industry insider unspools an absorbing…analysis of a film classic on the occasion of its 50th anniversary. At its best, Gray’s book is a well-researched and skillfully composed echo of such Hollywood tomes as Aljean Harmetz’s Round Up the Usual Suspects. The author…has a practiced interpretive mind. She demonstrates how, for all its popularity and game-changing success, the toughest critics were split on the film’s value and how many in the youth movement rebutted rather than embraced the movie’s relevance. It is in these passages, and in offering an alternative, not-so-sympathetic take on the movie’s protagonist, that Gray is most penetrating…. Gray effectively shows how The Graduate, despite ignoring the flashpoint issues of the day, worked as a subversive force in a period about to reassess its cinematic and cultural conventions.”
Kirkus Reviews

“One begins to see on the page why this film has remained in America’s collective unconscious for half a century.”
Publishers Weekly


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